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A Few Of Our Past Posters

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Open Brain Storming Session

We wrote themes in English and allowed students to write related words in their language

How Do We Choose Our Words & Phrases?


Words are easy to forget, so we try to make our posters exciting and relevant

Creating dialogue

Does the poster inspire a conversation around topics such as social justice?

Contextual relevance

Do the words/phrases match the context of the reader e.g. "It's hot" - if it is a hot day


Both beginners and home language speakers should be able to get at least some value from each poster

Our Plans For The Near Future


Help with pronunciation, information about various cultural aspects and much more


Pop Print - Instantly print a language cheat/fact sheet


Stickers will be place all over campus, to help you remember what you learnt, at a place where you could use it

Surprise Surprise!

We have a lot more surprises in store! Join our team if you'd like to know before everyone else!

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