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1How much do lessons cost?
Our prices range from R130 - R185 per hour, dependent on the grade of the learner and the number of lessons purchased.
2Is online tutoring as good as in-person?
It's reasonable that you may be apprehensive of the new method. From our experience, once learners and tutors have made use of the system, we've received only positive feedback. Our focus on quality control ensures that our service is even better than in-person tutoring.

Lastly, you're able access the tutor of your choice, where ever you are in the country - no more settling for a local tutor!
3How fast does my internet connection have to be?
The whiteboard and video-calling together requires a minimum speed of 1.5MB/s (faster speeds will improve the clarity of the video-call). For slower lines, voice calling can be used instead, requiring a +/- 0.5 MB/s speed.
4What makes your tutors so great?
Our tutors are not only brilliant academics, but also want to help learners achieve their potential and become invested in their success. Many of our tutors were top 10 of their province in grade 12 and/or are currently on their university's Dean's Merit List (top 10% of their faculty).
5What quality control measures do you have in place?
When a new tutor joins the team, a moderator reviews the recordings of their first few lessons to ensure that the learner only receives the very best support. For these recordings, we able to identify areas in which a tutor could improve. We then provide them with target training to up-skill them. Lastly, learners and tutors both fill in feedback forms after a lesson before tutors are paid.
6How do we ensure your child's safety?
We interview and research our candidate tutors to ensure that they are legitimate and have your child's best interests at heart. We have also included a chat feature to ensure that learners and tutors do not have to communicate outside of this safe space.
7What kind of phone or tablet do I need?
Any Android device running Android 4.4.4 KitKat or newer will be able to run the app. Drawing performance is slightly better on newer devices.

Unfortunately we are only available on Android, are working on releasing an iOS app soon.
8What makes TutorX a social enterprise?
For every 4 paying lessons, we provide one free lesson to a learner who can’t afford to pay. These learners are identified by a NGO (that we’ve partnered with) that already have both the connectivity and tablets for the lessons. We pay our tutors the same for all lessons they deliver (irrespective of whether the learner is paying) because we believe your means shouldn't dictate the quality of support you receive.

For more please watch: Clear the Decks for TutorX! (Intro to TutorX)

We also run an initiative called TutorX Social Projects which addresses social problems with physical and social media content.
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Please feel free to contact us at any time on:

Cell: +24 (0)74 102 6646
Email: [email protected]